Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm addicted?

Opiates produce a sense of wellbeing or euphoria that can be addictive to some people. Opiates are legitimately used for treating pain. When used for pain relief, many people develop tolerance, meaning they need more and more to get the same effect. Some people go on to develop an addiction to opiates. They begin to obsessively think about getting more opiates. 

What are opiates?

Opiates are a group of drugs that are used for treating pain. They are derived from opium which comes from the poppy plant. Opiates go by a variety of names including opiates, opioids, and narcotics. The term opiates is sometimes used for close relatives of opium such as codeine, morphine and heroin, while the term opioids is used for the entire class of drugs including synthetic opiates such as Oxycontin. But the most commonly used term is opiates.

What are some common names for opiates?

These are some of the common opiates and their generic names. They are listed in order of increasing strength.

  • Codeine®
  • Vicodin®, Hycodan® (hydrocodone)
  • MS Contin Kadian® (morphine)
  • Oxycontin®, Percocet® (oxycodone)
  • Dilaudid® (hydromorphone)
  • Duragesic® (fentanyl)
  • Zohydro®

Will I have withdrawal during treatment?

Opiate withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable. The important thing to remember is that opiate withdrawal is not life threatening if you are withdrawing only from opiates and not a combination of drugs. 

Opiate withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Low energy, Irritability, Anxiety, Agitation, Insomnia
  • Runny nose, Teary eyes
  • Hot and cold sweats, Goose bumps
  • Yawning
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Abdominal cramping, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea

What makes AppleGate Recovery different from other treatment clinics?

The staff at each and every AppleGate Recovery clinic is chosen very carefully with special attention paid to their ability to express professional compassion and deliver the highest quality care to each patient equally. The care delivered at AppleGate Recovery is specifically for addiction to opioids and it is intensely focused on that treatment. In addition, AppleGate Recovery offers Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) treatment, which has proven to be highly effective in treating addiction to opiates.

Contact the AppleGate Recovery clinic nearest you for your free, confidential consultation. Appointments available to accommodate your busy schedule.

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